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Last Update: 06-27-2015
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Let the Devil Speak:

Articles, Essays, and Incitements

Steven Hart September 22, 2014
Black Angel Press

ISBN #978-0615954455

Copyright: 2014 - Black Angel Press

From the author of American Dictators and The Last Three Miles comes a collection of essays that explore the terrain where history, politics and culture overlap -- and ignite. Find out how a segregationist governor's appearance on The Dick Cavett Show sparked one of the greatest concept albums of the Seventies, an album that pointed the way to the political clashes of today. See how a generation of American writers taught the world a new way to dream, and how they were cheated of credit when their work was used for a blockbuster film franchise. Explore the dark creation that resulted when composer Charles Mingus collaborated with radio raconteur Jean Shepherd. Read appreciations of Kenneth Fearing, Gore Vidal, and Jacob Bronowski. Best of all, learn why Rick Perlstein, the New York Times bestselling author of Nixonland and The Invisible Bridge, said "Steven Hart wields a straight-razor for a pen . . . a true American essayist."