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What's in a Name?
Mis-spelled names and other folks!

Shep talked about his name on several of his WOR radio shows

January 1964 How He Got His Name / Cars in NY
Sep 21, 1969 First Day of Kindergarten
January 17, 1974 Why Jean Is Not A Girl's Name
April 6, 1976 Dear Ms. Shepherd / Paycheck Mistake / 1776 & Dumb Americans

Steve Glazer who has done a lot of research and is a constant contributor to this website noticed the many mis-spellings. He writes:

"The recent discovery of Shep's jazz interview in the November 1955 issue of Playboy prompted me to gather all the variants of his name -- Jean Parker Shepherd, Jr. -- that have appeared in credible publications over the years. 
Here are those I have gathered so far". . . 

Jean P. Shepherd
Jean Shepherd
Gene Shepherd
Jean Shephard
Gene Shephard
Jean Shepard
Gene Shepard
Jean Shepeard
Jean Shepheard

Jean Sheppard
Gene Sheppard
Jean Sheperd
Gene Sheperd
Jean Shepperd
Jean Kenneth Shefherd
Jean Peter Shepherd
Gean Peter Shepherd

And my personal favorite (perhaps influenced by Daphne?) . . .
Jean Barker Shepherd

Of course there are other Jean Shepherd's in this world:

Akron Beacon Journal Ad

Here's an interesting ad from the September 9, 1960 Akron Beacon Journal. Shep would have gotten a lot of kidding over this one!

Twin Boro News Article

Another 'real' Jean Shepherd once wrote about the 'real' Jean Shepherd in her weekly column, "The Flip Side"

The Country Singer

In the 'close but no cigar' catagory is country singer Jean Shepard.