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Shepherd used many methods of transportation

Shep loved to travel and often spoke about cars and driving down the Jersey Turnpike,  being out in his plane, or driving around New York on his motorcycle.

Note the photos, unless otherwise noted are symbolic of vehicles he owned and are not the actual ones.


Shep owned many cars, was the host of several car rally's in the Village and New Hope Pa, and was sponsered on the radio by several car manufacturers.

From the Village Voice column of May 8, 1957

"Since those days I have owned several imported cars: an Austin-Jensen, a 2-1/2 liter Riley, another MG, a Peugeot 403, a Porsche 1300, and today I drove to the Voice office in a BMW Isetta, probably the supreme escape car of them all for the guy who can't pop for a sports because of cash but who has all the urges."

EDITORS NOTE: Jean Shepherd, WOR's commentator for Night People and a regular Village Voice contributor, was for two years the owner of a foreign car agency in Cincinnati, where he dispensed Austins, Triumphs, MG's and Volkswagons to the more daring of the local burghers.

Shep's Cars
1931 Chevrolet Independence
Rover 2000tc
Red 1947 MG-TC
1952 MG-TD Convertable
1963 Morgan
Hudson Terraplane


Shep's Cars as mentioned on various shows.
Thanks to Rich B. for the info

summary 8/20/62 Late to Work - mentions his Porsche's headlights shining on the fence
summary 6/6/63  Shep's Beard; Grinding Valves - learned to drive on '37 Pontiac; 1st car a '33 Ford Roadster, black
summary 4/3/65  Great Generator Hunt - '37 Ford
summary 2/25/66  Tell the Story Already; got new blue Ford after the Army
summary 11/9/69  Clunker of All Time - another 1st car, light gray Ford
summary 08/20/76 ?date   Pickle Color Paint Job - '49 Ford
summary 3/23/65  NAB Convention - Peugeot 403
summary 12/16/71  Used Cars - Hudson Hornet
summary 3/30/77  Historyland - incident in a Crosley, though not his
summary 7/29/66  Style - '31 Chevy Roadster Independence Cabriolet

Shep talks about his 1963 Morgan in his Car and Driver column.

summary April 1971 "The Morgan Syndrome"

Shep owned a 1973 Grumman American AA-1A Yankee - FAA # N73JS and it is still registered under his name with the FAA
Shep claims to have owned a green Elgin bicycle as a kid. It was stolen when he went to the local A&P for bread and left it unattended out front.