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Big Lie Techniques
Airdate: Wednesday - November 20, 1963

WOR Show
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Last Update: 03-16-2009

First Line After Theme Ends
You ever get the feeling that you've got an itch. . .
Show Description
Having an itch The agony doll Uncle Chuckies Christmas tips Peer pressure as a tool to support the big lie or hit musical Unequal equations such as the suggestion that the Birmingham racial situation is on par with Hitler and the gas chambers
Engineer & other people in the control booth: Don who smokes a cigar and doesn't give Shep his just due Observation from Ken Applegate: I woke up in the middle of the night here and was mulling over what show Shep was talking about. Sure sounded like Dr. Stangelove, a pre-screening maybe, but so much of what happened that month is buried under a ton of Kennedy related stories after his assassination it is hard to figure! I dug around the web and found: Shep's description (although limited), and his suggestion of what he would do if he were the Russians as a result, do seem to suggest that he had gone to a pre-screening of Dr. Stangelove, and the topic "The Big Lie," was certainly used effectively by Kubrick in that movie! Most notably where Sellers needed money to call the Pentagon to stop a nuclear bomb attack, but was going to have to answer to the Coke-A Cola company for tampering with their machine to get that money! The release of the movie was another repercussion of the Kennedy assassination, as well as changes that were thought necessary to remove inadvertent links to that day in Dallas. Wikipedia ( suggests an original official test screening date of November 22, which would suggest that unofficial test screenings among the Avant Gard were happening, and why Shep was so careful not to give away the name of the movie he had seen, which is in keeping with unofficial viewing disclosure agreements. Everything that was thought important in November 1963 before the 22nd changed after the 22nd.
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By: Ken Applegate
Date: 03-16-2009
Rating: Not Rated
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